CALANDA  -- Will Davis / Tilman Elster
Once again, it's time to present a previously unremarked machine, and only through the courtesy of Tilman Elster can we now view one of these.  This machine is a CALANDA, and was manufactured in Switzerland by SA Sport AG.  The company was located in Biel, and production of these machines began in about 1942.  What fragmentary evidence there is suggests that it lasted no longer than twelve or thirteen years, with relatively small production volume and market placement.
Tilman has sent along not only the picture of his Calanda, seen above, but also scans of an advertising brochure which displays two different models offered by the company.  Unfortunately, the printing date is not known.
At right, from that brochure, we see what appears to be the basic model.  No delineation of model is made for this machine, so that we may call it simply "Calanda" as opposed to the machine we will see in a moment.

These machines have at least one peculiar feature; note that the TAB and backspace keys are considerably outside the confines of the keyboard itself.  These are the two keys which, on the machine at right, are in the top row, but are white.  Notable also on this particular machine is the use of not only white keytops for some function keys, but the use on those keys of square keytops -- all the character keys are round, and are black. 

Note, in the various shots, the large radius, or size of the type bar segment and the large type basket.
The other machine advertised is seen here.  This is the Calanda Super, which is obviously the same but with wide carriage.  In fact, this machine is advertised as an office typewriter; the platen width is 33 cm.  This kind of offering is not unheard of; the later Voss line offered much the same concept in portables for office use, and the Alpina line is already well known for this.

These are very hard machines to find.  Few are in the hands of collectors.  It is unknown at present (although it is suspected) whether or not this design was purchased by some other company in the mid-1950's when records of Calanda machines end.  Some characteristics are similar to the line Remington introduced in the mid-1950's, which was built in Holland.  Much more research needs to be done surrounding these rare machines.
The Calanda seen at the very top of this page has a serial number of C4595, which is thought to make it very early and thus produced 1942/1943.

On the right, Tilman Elster's Calanda Luxe.  This is a later machine; serial number 31749.  It differs in some details from the first machine seen.

Note that different labeling appears on all four machines seen on this page, in terms of styling and placement.  Wiht so little to go on, it is difficult to determine any significance for this labeling in terms of identification.