Dave Davis, my (twin) brother, is featured prominently in the DAVIS TYPEWRITER WORKS section of my website; he's not what one might consider a "die hard" typewriter collector.  Dave has always been interested in absolutely everything mechanical, no matter what it is or how simple or complex, and it didn't take long for him to jump right in with the project to work on typewriters and show that work online.  His natural curiosity, plus need for a challenge, made it almost automatic that he'd be along on that project.  What isn't generally known, though, is that he does in fact have a few typewriters -- and a few really GOOD ones at that.
At left, we see Dave's portables arrayed together.  On the bottom right is his late 1940's Royal Quiet De Luxe, considered one of the most desirable machines not only because of its operational qualities but because of its attractive appearance.  Bottom left is his Smith-Corona Skyriter -- one of the best of the flat, travelling machines.  Above left, a Generation 3000 which is the only kind of machine you can get brand-new today in the US (branding and model numbering notwithstanding.)  Top right, his Tower President -- in reality a relabeled Smith-Corona Silent-Super, perhaps the ultimate large portable typewriter in operational qualities.  At least we both think so!
Prior to the DAVIS TYPEWRITER WORKS project, Dave really had more interest in portables than standards since his experience was with actually using them.  However, the project kind of changed that, and on the right we see one result; Dave's absolutely immaculate Pittsburg Visible No. 12.  This machine is as fine as you can get for this make / model and is a real stunner in person.

Dave doesn't really know if he'd ever get more typewriters; he finds the Noiseless design interesting, and has said before he might -- just might -- be interested in one of those.  We've seen a few in our travels, but none in good enough shape for either of us to really be interested.  Maybe Dave gets enough typewriter exposure working on 'em for the site, but you never know!