Typewriter Testing

Typewriters of all ages and kinds put in actual working conditions with the results reported here.  Complete descriptions of operation and use directed at those who actually write on these machines.
Results achieved by different users will vary widely.  Many factors, such as hand and finger strength and size, and use of the 'touch typing method' will alter results.  Tests performed on standard-height tables with machines in good working condition.
"Shootout" comparisons of machines in groups.
Individual tests.
Remington 16 Standard / Underwood 6 Standard / Underwood Rhythm Touch Standard / Royal No. 10 (SX) Standard
Woodstock No. 5 Standard (from 1934.)
Harris Visible No. 4.
Orga Privat No. 3
R. C. Allen 700 Vis-O-Matic
Monarch Visible No. 2