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Antique Typewriters by Will Davis
Barr Portable Typewriters. Eight page article.
This site rebuilt October/November 2005.
Antique Standard Typewriters --  Visible Writing machines. Central feature of this website; many pages and brands.
Smith Premier.   large Smith Premier gallery; learn about Smith Premier and L. C. Smith & Bros.
Harry A. Smith      Well-known typewriter rebuilder is now even better known.
Featuring machines, illustrations and information from the collections of Richard Polt, Thomas Fuertig, Jim Dax, Tilman Elster, Herman & Connie Price, Chuck Dilts, Rich Cincotta, Peter Weil, Cuyler Brooks, Nick Fisher, Ernie Jorgenson, John Pulley, W. Seaver, Donald & Carolyn Hoke, Ezio Leonardi, Gary Bothe, Angie Jimenez, Lynda Beckler, David B. Davis, and the author.
Rebuilt Typewriters:  How very old machines became "newer."  The only place on the net you'll find this topic covered.
Special Feature:  Collectors' Pages
Pages dedicated to collectors who have been of great assistance.
Jim Dax
Yost Double Feature.    A Tilman Elster Photo Gallery, and an article on Yost "visibles"
Gary Bothe's 55th Molle
Lynda Beckler
Angie Jimenez:  Yost No. 20 in detail
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Williams Typewriters   an illustrative model breakdown, featuring Tilman Elster's collection
Typewriter Testing:  Various machines tested and described
Typewriter Factory views.
Davis Typewriter Works   See us actually tearing down and repairing typewriters.
Gourland won't see this one often
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Peter Weil
Includes Daugherty, Underwood, Oliver, Pittsburg, Sun, Monarch, Smith Premier, Yost, LC Smith, Secor, Stearns, Fox, Royal, Emerson, Victor, Remington, Visigraph, Harris, Rex, Demountable, Betz Visible, Moyer, Woodstock, Reliance, Blick-Bar and Molle -- and more!
Burroughs  Details, plus multi-page sales brochure
Dave Davis
Union Typewriter Company    ..the monopolistic trust, in new timeline perspective, start to finish and later
ALLEN: Complete information, review, test.  2 pages!
A rather odd Corona Four ..if there's a rare Corona Four, this is it.
Schreibmaschinen KUHRT 1909-1930   in English!
...our nod to NOISELESS typewriters
Portable Typewriter
Historical Spotlights
George Baker and "The Typewriter Business"
A new series of articles on typewriter sales and service during the "glory days" and now.
Sholes' Sons' machines
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Operating instructions, supplies, upkeep, repair and more
Richard Polt
Serial Number Lists / Production dates - official manufacturer data!
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