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Here are some links to various places in the world of typewriters.  Some feature antique machines, some portables, and some both; some sell machines as well.  I've tried to link everyone who links to me; if you're missing, let me know.
Chuck & Rich   Long time friends, and owners of a large collection; publishers of ETCetera for years.

Richard Polt    One of the greatest antique typewriter sites, with the famous Remington Portables article

Neale Clifton    This is the site "Dead or Resurrected:  The history of the manual portable typewriter."

Shannon Johnson    Excellent website featuring extensive and well-researched OLIVER and CORONA materials

Eclectisaurus    One of my early contacts, who sells machines on e-Bay and has a fantastic photo museum online.

TW-DB database    Typewriter Serial Number database, by Dirk Schumann, featuring anything that types

Charles Gu      "My Typewriter dot com" wherein Charles sells great reconditioned machines that you can use now

Aurelio Dragonetti    See some odd and rare machines, or at least things found only in Europe

Tony Casillo      Tony's excellent and long-running website about antique machines

Richard Milton    A study of the early days of mass produced portables with great illustrations

Martin Howard    Wonderful antique typewriter collection shown online by this famous collector

Herman Price    Herman has assisted with a number of articles on my site, and HIS site is well worth studying in detail!

Jack Tanner   Newspaperman and antique typewriter collector brings a unique and personal look at our hobby

Historischesbuero    This collector's group, in German, is owned by long-time friend Norbert Schwarz; this group has assisted in a number of ways regarding German machines, and the collaboration continues to expand.

The Portable Typewriter Forum My forum on portable typewriters; with over 500 members and hundreds of messages per month.  Lots of information in text and photo form on many aspects of portables, and some very rare machines too.

Bob Aubert    has been collecting not only typewriters but other machines for many years, and you can find him here.

Syracuse, New York typewriter history by DAVID DEACON

Wim Van Rompuy and Guy Perard:  WWW.TYPEWRITER.BE
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Slide Rules by D. Davis    My brother's extensive website on slide rules, with lots of never-seen material and rules.
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Typewriters for Sale     A new Yahoo-based group by Chuck & Rich which features listings of machines available from anyone, anywhere.  This group replaces the long-standing "TW List" operated by Chuck & Rich.
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