Railroad Locomotives.
General Electric U30    Technical coverage of the GE Universal series, using the pivotal U30 as a starting point
Details of the Czech CKD / Praha 6S310 engine compared to US-built Baldwin VO and 600 engines.  One of many overseas copies of US engines, licensed or not.
Photos from Northern Ohio, 1980's-1990's
The site for true locomotive enthusiasts.
ALCO 244 engine in detail     Often discussed but never shown in teardown.
More Ohio photos, 1980's and 1990's
ALCO RS-11 demonstrator, 1956.  Also known as DL-701. 
Hydraulic Transmissions in Locomotives   A very basic primer for US railfans, plus a great Steve Palmano article
Early Diesel Locomotive Engines, including rarely seen photos and construction details of the famous Ingersoll-Rand 300 HP Oil-Electric Locomotive Engine.
Locomotive Enthusiast's Forum.  Owned and operated by the authors of the site you're now viewing, for the hobbyist's discussion of locomotive technology, both steam and diesel, with a focus on US locomotives but allowing worldwide discussion.  Talk about things you've seen here!
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by Will Davis
The articles on this website have been written by us exclusively for presentation here.  They are created using only original materials from the locomotive manufacturers or from the railroads, or from experts.  Please give credit when quoting these articles.
Diesel-Electric Locomotive Primer:  The Basics
Baldwin / Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton controls:  Westinghouse Air and Electric throttles
Baldwin / Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton 600 series engine 1946-1956
General Elecric Universal Series and Export units before the U25:  A brief overview
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Superior Locomotive Diesels:  ca. 1947 brochure, and locomotive photos by J. Parker Lamb